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We're a diverse team of experienced graphic design, install, and management professionals proudly serving Timmins and Northern Ontario

solutions for sun control, energy savings, security, privacy, and more

3M Window Film Solutions are used in a wide variety of commercial applications that effectively resolve your concerns about property security, energy savings and temperature control, occupant comfort, and privacy, while also offering decorative options to enhance corporate image throughout a property.

Window coverings for your home provide beauty, protection and peace of mind

You love your windows and the light they bring into your home. As much as you cherish the views and the natural light they reveal, you also live with the excessive heat, glare, and harmful ultraviolet light that the sun creates.

Design meets function with decorative graphic films for windows and surfaces

Whether you need to enhance privacy for glass partitions, cover up unsightly construction, or leverage wall space for advertising, 3M has the graphic and architectural solutions to achieve your goals.